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Gateway International EMS ofrece soluciones únicas para las industrias proveedoras de ambulancias aéreas, asistencia médica, asistencia en viajes y cuidados sanitarios.

Todo en un mismo sitio

Servicios EMS en una parada

Transporte terrestre

Ya sea médica o no, proporcionamos soluciones de transporte personalizadas para tus necesidades.

Personal médico en todo el mundo

Ayudamos a los empleados médicos de todo el mundo, tanto para situaciones normales como de emergencia.

Servicios médicos para eventos

Nuestras capacidades se extienden a proporcionar equipos médicos de alta calidad para eventos, tanto grandes como pequeños.

Reserva global de recursos

Nuestra asistencia es mundial, disponible para cualquiera que necesite recursos o soluciones médicas.

Asistencia completa de servicio

¿Por qué nosotros?

Servicio todo el día

Nuestro personal está disponible 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana.

Coordinadores globales de transporte y proveedores acreditados

Nuestros profesionales altamente cualificados están aquí para ayudarte sean cuales sean tus necesidades de asistencia médica.

Soluciones personalizadas para el cliente y mejores precios

Proporcionamos soluciones especializadas para cada caso, así que puedes estar seguro de que tu solución está hecha a tu medida y que tiene el mejor precio de la industria.

Asistencia 24/7

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Llámanos o envíanos un correo electrónico para ponerte en contacto con un miembro del equipo Gateway International EMS.

En todo el mundo confían en nosotros

Lo que cuentan nuestros socios

As one of Gateway’s oldest customers, we started using their services back in 2012. During this time, a relationship was formed and became one of trust, confidence, and complete teamwork. Gateway EMS is more than just a company that sets up medical transportation around the world. They are a true caring provider that does what it takes to get the job done, and done with complete professionalism. Oliver and his staff are on top of every mission and ensure that it is completed with the utmost in patient care and customer satisfaction. I look forward to many more years of outstanding teamwork, with such an exceptional company.

Jim Goniwicha
Director of Communications/SOG Operations, Aerocare Air Ambulance Service


Skyservice Air Ambulance International has been a long standing customer of Gateway International EMS. We have watched the small company grow and excel worldwide. The services provided to us have exceeded our expectations, especially in remote locations abroad. Their staff is responsive and provide us with high quality vendors to serve our needs. We are pleased to recommend Gateway International EMS to others and do so with regularity.

David Ewing
Executive Vice President, Global Markets,
Skyservice Air Ambulance International


We have used Gateway as our transportation provider for years now. Simply put, Gateway is the best at what they do. We send one email and know the transportation will be perfect, no matter if it’s across town or across the country!

Gateway’s response time is phenomenal! Anytime, day or night, we know we will have a response in minutes. No request is too big or small as Gateway will handle it all.

Gateways professionalism towards their clients and passengers is outstanding and their rates are much less than what we have experienced in the past. Gateway truly is “One stop shopping for all our companies transportation needs”

Pauline Vadood
Client Services Manager, New Frontier Group


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