In the recent months Gateway International EMS has focused on rephrasing the things that are most important to them in view of mission, vision and company culture. While the core values never changed it was time to phrase them in a comprehensive and clear fashion. You can find them below.



Gateway International EMS’ mission is to create second-to-none patient care experiences, benefiting the international healthcare industry.  Gateway International EMS is the driving force in our customers’ exceptional patient experiences, providing the best outcome for their patients, and giving our customers complete ease of mind with their patients.


To be a first-class global resource for international patient care.

Core Values:

– unparalleled commitment to top- notch customer service through high level quality management

– exceptional moral and ethical values, as evidenced by internally and externally integrated respect, reliability, loyalty, fairness

Culture Statement

At Gateway Intl. EMS we expect that each team member respects each other, the team as a whole and our customers. We listen to one another; we are honest with one another; we are responsive to one another; and we put others first. We live by our core values of reliability, loyalty, trust, responsibility and fairness. We consistently reflect on ourselves and on our services and strive for continuous improvement. By intentionally focusing on these things, we bring out the best in one another and achieve a positive impact for our customers. We treat our customers like we treat each other, with respect, which leads to superior customer service.